Govt of Goa Directorate Of Panchayats
Government Of Goa


1 Regarding assesment of tax on unauthorized house/building/structure dt 25/10/202120220222112618
2 Circular regarding Pay Fixation statement of Pension cases of the Village Panchayat staff Dt5-7-202120220222112725
3 Circular regarding Office timing and working days for Village Panchayat Dated 11-11-202020220222112750
4 Procedure to be adopted by the Panchayats while dealing with the development work Dated 08-10-202020220222112821
5 Circular Dated 05-10-202020220222113059
6 Procedure regarding tendering and manner of execution of works by the Directorate of Panchayats20220222113024
7 Prohibition on issuance of unauthorized lockdown by the Village Panchayats in the State of Goa20220222113308
8 Circular Dated 07-01-202020220222113607
9 Circular Dated 12-06-2020 related to Circular regarding covid20220222113430
10 Circular Dated 12-06-202020220222113515
11 Circular Dated 01-10-2019 related to DOP Circular dates of BMC meet20220222015035
12 Restriction on Issuance of Construction licenses and Occupancy certificate by village panchayats 20220222015101
13 Scheme for supply and installation of Individula household Bio-Digester toilets in the State of Goa.20220222015126
14 Circular regarding conducting meetings beyond the office hours to be avoided dt: 13-01-201520220222015155
15 Circular regarding Pay fixation statements of Pension cases of the Panchayat staff Dated 05-07-201320220222015228
16 Circular regarding Hygiene in Food Establishments Dated 04-06-201320220222015247
17 Circular Dated 04-11-201220220222015339
18 Clearance from the Govt for issue of permission by the Village Panchayats for Night Bazars,shops etc20220222015423
19 Circular Dated 04-06-201020220222015521
20 Circular regarding Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 29th September, 200920220222015553
21 Circular Dated 09-07-200820220222020011
22 Circular Dated 20-09-200720220222020047
23 Circular Dated 07-09-200720220222020108
24 Circular regarding Exemption of House Tax to Ex-Servicemen and widows Dated 02-08-200720220222020132
25 Circular Dated 09-10-200620220222020214
26 Procedure regarding tendering and manner of execution of works by the Panchayats dt: 04-10-200620220222020245
27 Circular Dated 03-04-200620220222020336
28 Circular Dated 02-02-200520220222020401
29 Circular regarding Transfer of House Tax Dated 14-09-200420220222020431
30 Incomplete Agenda of the fortnightly meetings of the Village Panchayats Dated 10-10-200320220222115311
31 Circular Dated 06-09-200220220222115342
32 Instructions to be observed while submitting a report on alleged illegal construction/health hazard20220222115436
33 Circular regarding Illegal Construction Dated 10-07-200020220222115534