Govt of Goa Directorate Of Panchayats
Government Of Goa


1 Affidavit to be sworn by the owner of the property20220217010043
2 Application for Trade Licence20220217010239
3 Application for occupancy certificate20220217010140
4 Application to Village Panchayat for Building Licence20220217010355
5 Construction Licence20220217010420
6 Detailed Procedure for Repair permission20220217010526
7 Detailed Procedure to obtain Construction Licence/ Occupancy Certificate/ Trade Licence/ Renewal20220217010454
8 Flowchart for Issue of Construction Licence/Occupancy Certificate/Trade Licence/Renewal from VP20220217010724
9 Flowchart for Issue of Repair Permission Panchayats20220217010805
10 Occupancy Certificate20220217010830
11 Provisional NOC format20220217010856
12 Trade Establishment License20220217010927